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  a powerful bactericidal and virucidal ClO2-disinfectant
Category Disinfectant
Product type Liquid
Target animal(s) Swine, Poultry, Bovine, Others
Packing 1L, 18L bottle

Each liter contains
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide …………………………… 50g (as ClO2)

Feature and Benefits
1. NEOZONE shows prominent effect of bactericide, virucide, disinfection and deodorization. It acts to kill the bacteria, viruses and mold, and to eradicate the moss and stench with powerful oxidizing-mode of action.
2. NEOZONE has a high safety and it also acts to purify waste water with eradicating the poisonous organic substance and heavy metal by oxidizing action.
3. NEOZONE has a high stability and its diluted solution is convenient to use with its characteristics of colorlessness, tastelessness and odorlessness.
4. NEOZONE is also suitable to use as disinfectant for drinking water.

For disinfection and deodorization in and around livestock and poultry pens
For disinfection of breeding equipment and instrument
For disinfection of drinking water

Dosage and Use
1. Disinfection of the inside and outside of livestock and poultry pen, breeding equipment and instrument ---------------------------------------------- 100-fold diluted solution
(Dilute at the rate of 1l of this product per 100L of water.)
2. Spraying-disinfection of livestock and poultry's body(skin), Disinfection of equipment and instrument for breeding dairy cow ------------------------- 1,000-fold diluted solution
(Dilute at the rate of 0.1l of this product per 100L of water.)
3. Disinfection of drinking water ---------------------------- 10,000-fold diluted solution
(Dilute at the rate of 10mL of this product per 100L of water.)
4. Deodorization --------------------------------------------- 50-fold diluted solution
(Dilute at the rate of 2l of this product per 100L of water.)
※ At the time of disinfection of livestock and poultry pens, sprinkle or spray equally at the rate of 1.5L of diluted solution per 10m2 to the floor, wall, ceiling, etc. every 2~3 days.
※ It is recommended to use 250-fold diluted solution in killing FMD(Foot and Mouth Disease) virus (Dilute at the rate of 0.4l of this product per 100L of water.)

Precaution(s) and others
1. Do not allow the undiluted or highly concentrated solution to come into contact with the eyes or skin of animal or human. If human or animal happen to drink this solution, let that drink much water and consult a doctor(veterinarian) immediately.
2. Do not use this product in conjunction with a insecticide and other disinfectants (especially Formalin).
3. It is recommended to use all the diluted solution within 48 hours.
4. Use this solution under the ventilated condition and avoid inhaling sprayed solution's particle. And do not allow the solution to come into contact with the food or livestock feed.
5. Store at the room temperature, protecting from light and making airtight.