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  a combination agent of antibiotics
MYCILLIN soluble powder
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Soluble powder
Target animal(s) Swine, Poultry, Bovine, Companion animal, Others
Packing 10kg (1kg × 10 bags)

Each kg contains
Penicillin G Potassium …………………………… 50,000,000I.U.
Streptomycin Sulfate ………………………………………‥ 100g

Feature and Benefits
1. It is a combination of Penicillin, which has strong antibacterial properties against Gram-positive, and Streptomycin, also sensitive to Gram-negative.
2. It shows excellent antibacterial effect against staphylococcosis, actinomycosis, hemolytic streptococcosis, anaerobic streptococcosis, E.coli and Mycobacterium.
3. Its therapeutic effect lasts for a long time and it has a buffer to prevent dissociation of Penicillin.
4. It is very economical because of moderate price and high potency, requiring small amounts of use.

For prevention, treatment and control of acute/chronic respiratory disease, infectious diarrhea, staphylococcosis in poultry, and secondary bacterial infections of fowlpox (diphtheric type).

Dosage and Use
Dissolve in drinking water and administer for needed consecutive days according to the following dosage chart. 제목 없음


   (1,000 heads /day)

    Cattle,    Horse

 (10kg body



 (10kg body

   wt. /day)


  (10kg body



  (for needed



(3~4 days)

 1week   old

   20~   100g







    (3 times


  2~6  weeks   old

  100~   150g


  (3 times


    (5~10     consecutive            days)


 7~18  weeks   old

  150~   200g





 over19  weeks   old

  200g/   200L











   solution          level




Precaution(s) and others
Discontinue use in livestock and poultry 14 days before slaughter.