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  highly concentrated probiotics for prevention and treatment of diarrhea
BIOGEN-S soluble powder
Category General Therapeutics
Product type Soluble powder
Target animal(s) Swine, Poultry, Bovine, Companion animal, Others
Packing 100g, 10kg (1kg x 10 bags)

Each kg contains

Bacillus subtilis natto ………… not less than 1 × 1011 CFU

Feature and Benefits
1. Bacillus subtilis natto, a main ingredient of BIOGEN-S sol. powder, is the most stable bacterium in the natural world by spore-forming, which can be well preserved stably for long period in feed.
2. As a highly concentrated and high grade Bacillus subtilis cultivated purely, BIOGEN-S sol. powder has high efficacy and safety.
3. Having a non-absorbent character, BIOGEN-S sol. powder does not cause remaining of drug residues in livestock's body and environmental pollution.
4. It provides powerful amylolytic enzyme and proteolytic enzyme.
5. It promotes increasing of beneficial bacteria like lactic acid bacterium in the intestines.
6. Being soluble in water easily, it is easy to be administered to immature animal.

For improvement of feed efficiency and growth promotion, better weight gain, and better digestion in cattle, swine, horse and poultry
For adjuvant treatment of bacterial diarrhea in cattle, swine, horse and poultry

Dosage and Use
제목 없음 Mix or add the product into feed, milk substitutes, milk or drinking water and administer, as follows :


Kind of animal

Dosage (per day)

Period of


Growth promotion

Prevention of diarrhea



5 ~10g / head

required days

Adult cattle

10 ~20g / head




1 ~ 4g / head


4 ~10g / head


Pullet starter

10~ 20g / 1,000 heads

Pullet grower,

Pullet prelay

30~ 70g / 1,000 heads

Adult layer

70~150g/ 1,000 heads

Adjuvant for treatment of bacterial diarrhea

(Calf, Swine)

0.2~2g per kg of body weight



until recovery

Precaution(s) and others