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  Anthelmintics for Microcotyle sebastis
SAMU Quantel 20 Aqua
Category Anthelmintics/ Insecticides
Product type Powder
Target animal(s) Aqua
Packing 1kg 10kg, 20kg

1kg contains

Feature and Benefits

For treatment of Microcotyle sebastis of black rockfish

Dosage and Use
Oral administration:
Mix the product into feed at the ratio of 0.5~1g of the product per kg body weight and administer 1~3times every other day.

Medicinal Bath:
Bathe for 4 minutes in the well-dissolved medicated solution prepared at the ratio of 0.25~0.5g of the product per liter of water.

Precaution(s) and others
-Withdrawal period: 10 days.
-Treat it in accordance with your veterinary.