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  a highly concentrated stable Vitamin C supplier for fish
Category Nutrients
Product type Feed additive
Target animal(s) Aqua
Packing 10kg (1kg X 10bags)

Each kg contains
Ascorbic Acid ……………………………………………… 300g

Feature and Benefits
Its Vitamin C particle being coated with Hydrogenated vegetable oil, C-FORTE, as a highly concentrated and more stable Vitamin C preparation, is very stable in high temperature, water and compounded feed. C-FORTE supplies Vitamin C to crustacea, primates and fish that cannot synthesize Vitamin C in their body by themselves, and therefore it exerts outstanding effects on enhancement of resistance power to disease, prevention and treatment of stress, rapid recovery of wound, and prevention and treatment of all other Vitamin C deficiency.

For prevention and treatment of Vitamin C deficiency

Dosage and Use
Mix the product in feed as follows and administer continuously.
For fish : at the rate of 0.2~0.5kg per M/T of fish breeding feed (0.02~0.05%)
For shrimp : at the rate of 0.5~1kg per M/T of shrimp breeding feed (0.05~0.1%)

Precaution(s) and others