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  a long acting antibacterial agent for fish
SULFAXIN-50 aqua
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Oral powder(Medicinal bath)
Target animal(s) Aqua
Packing 5kg (1kg X 5bags)

Each kg contains
Sulfadimethoxine Sodium …………………………………… 500g

Feature and Benefits
1. SULFAXIN-50 aqua has powerful therapeutic efficacy on some protozoal disease as well as various bacterial disease.
2. Sulfadimethoxine being the most durable preparation of all sulfonamides, its high blood concentration lasts for a long time with just single dose per day.
3. It has synergistic action with some antibiotics.

For prevention and treatment of following disease
Eel : infectious disease of fins caused by Flexibacter columnaris, columnaris disease of gill, saprolegniasis
Rainbow trout : vibriosis, furunculosis, ulcer disease, columnaris disease of gill and fin
Carp, Gold-fish : aeromonas disease, dropsy, ulcer disease
Yellow-tail : ulcer disease

Dosage and Use
Oral administration -- The dosage per day is 200~400g per M/T of fish's body.
Thoroughly mix the product in feed and administer for 4~5 consecutive days.
Medicinal bath ----- Bathe for 3~5 hours in the solution prepared by adding the product at the rate of 200~400g per M/T of water.

Precaution(s) and others
The fish treated should not be shipped for human consumption as followings.
Carp, Yellow-tail - within 15 days from the last treatment
Eel, Trout - within 30 days from the last treatment