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  a mastitis therapeutics for milking period
CEFABEE ointment
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Injectable solution, Ointment, Soluble powder
Target animal(s) Bovine
Packing 3g syringe X 4, 3g syringe X 20

1 syringe(3g) contains

Cefuroxime sodium -------- 250mg (base)
Liquid Paraffin -------------- q.s
White Vaseline -------------- q.s

Feature and Benefits
Cefuroxime is a second-generation semi-synthetic cephalosporin antibiotic which is resistant to degradation by beta-lactamase enzymes produced by both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Therefore, Cefabee ointment is suitable for prevention and treatment of mastitis caused by all the major mastitis-causative pathogens including the resistant bacteria, and shows an efficacy against chronic and symptomless mastitis either.

1. Cefabee ointment is a Cefuroxime (as the sodium salt) prepararion belonged to Cephalosporins.
2. Cefabee ointment shows an powerful bactericidal activity against the resistant bacteria through the mechanism of inactivating the beta-lactamase enzymes produced by pathogens.
3. Cefabee ointment shows powerful bactericidal activity against all the major mastitis-causative pathogens such as Citrobacter spp., Corynebacterium spp.(including Actinomyces pyogenes), Enterobacter spp., Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp., Micrococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp.,
Staphylococcus aureus (including penicillin-resistant strains),
Streptococcus spp. (including Strep. agalactiae, Strep. dysgalactiae and Strep. uberis), etc. and it shows an efficacy also against both chronic and symptomless mastitis.

Prevention and treatment of mastitis for milking period

Dosage and Use
The contents of one syringe should be infused into the teat canal of each infected quarter twice a day(every 12 hours), after completely milking.

1. Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the tip of teat by soaking each udder after completely milking(the last milking).
2. Allow the udders and teats to be dried completely in the air.
3. Take care not to contaminate the tip of syringe(or nozzle) when opening the protective cap, and not to bend the nozzle.
4. Insert the tip of syringe(or nozzle) into the teat canal completely and infuse the full contents of syringe.
5. After infusion, it is advisable to dip or spray the teats with an antibiotic preparation specifically formulated.

Precaution(s) and others
1. Discontinue use in cows 3 days before slaughter for human consumption.
2. After treatment, do not use the milk for human consumption for 3 days.
3. Do not use to cows having hypersensitivity to cephalosporins.
4. Treat in accordance with the prescription and direction of veterinarian.
5. Store at the room temperature, avoiding direct light.
6. Keep out of the reach of children.