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  a mastitis therapeutics for dry period
CEPHALON ointment
Category Antibiotics/ Antibacterials
Product type Injectable solution, Ointment, Soluble powder
Target animal(s) Bovine
Packing 4g syringe X 4, 4g syringe X 20

1 syringe(4g) contains

Cephalonium ---------- 250mg(as base)
Liquid Paraffin ----------- q.s
White Vaseline ----------- q.s

Feature and Benefits
1. Cephalon ointment is an antibiotic, intramammary infusion containing cephalonium (a Cephalosporin), and has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against many types of bacterial mastitis during dry period.
2. Cephalon ointment shows good efficacies against chronic and symptomless mastitis either.
3. With only single injection, the potency lasts for 51days from the injection.
4. Cephalon ointment is exhausted rapidly within 4 days after parturition. Therefore, it make waste milk period be curtailed.

Prevention and treatment of mastitis for dry period

Dosage and Use
Inject each syringe into each udder through the teat canal, immediately after the final milking for the season according to followings.

1. Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the tip of teat by soaking each udder after completely milking(the last milking).
2. Allow the udders and teats to be dried completely in the air.
3. Take care not to contaminate the tip of syringe(or nozzle) when opening the protective cap, and not to bend the nozzle.
4. Insert the tip of syringe(or nozzle) into the teat canal completely and infuse the full contents of syringe.

Precaution(s) and others
1. Treat in accordance with the prescription and direction of veterinarian.
2. Do not use in lactating cows.
3. Use immediately after the last seasonal milking only.
4. Do not use within 51 days before parturition.
5. After treatment, do not use the milk for human consumption for 5 days after parturition.
6. Store at the room temperature avoiding direct light.