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  a coccidiocide in poultry
MEDICOX solution
Category Anthelmintics/ Insecticides
Product type Oral liquid
Target animal(s) Poultry
Packing 1L bottle

Each liter contains
Toltrazuril …………………………………………………… 25g

Feature and Benefits
1. MEDICOX sol. acts on all intracellular development stages of coccidia efficiently.
2. The spectrum of activity of MEDICOX sol. is extremely wide and it is efficacious against all Eimeria species of poultry.
3. MEDICOX sol. shows rapid efficacy and only needs to be administered for 2 days.
4. MEDICOX sol. is safe.
5. MEDICOX sol. is compatible with all feed additives and feed medicaments commonly used in poultry production.
6. MEDICOX sol. is a solution-type and it is convenient to administer via drinking water.
7. MEDICOX sol. has a prominent stability at the time of dilution into the drinking water.

For control (prevention and treatment) of coccidiosis in poultry

Dosage and Use
Dissolve in drinking water in the ratio of 1ml of MEDICOX sol. per 1L of drinking water (dilute 200ml of MEDICOX sol. per 200L-one drum of drinking water) and administer 2 days. And re-administer for 2 days after 5 days from the first treatment, if needed.
At the time that coccidiosis occurs in many places, it is recommended to administer before approximately 3 days of the anticipation of occurrence.

Precaution(s) and others
1. Discontinue use 16 days before slaughter for the purpose of human consumption.
2. Do not use in layers producing eggs.
3. Be careful not to contact with eyes and skin at the time of handling, and wash immediately with clean water if contacted.
4. Treat in accordance with the direction of veterinarian.
5. Store at the room temperature above 5℃.