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  a powerful disinfectant of cation-line
Category Disinfectant
Product type Liquid
Target animal(s) Swine, Bovine, Others
Packing 1L, 18L bottles

Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride …………… 10 W/V%
Polyoxyethylene Octylphenyl Ether ………………… 2 W/V%

Feature and Benefits
1. It kills hog cholera virus, avian influenza virus, etc. as well as general bacteria owing to its outstanding surface activation.
2. It exerts strong efficacy on the various original microorganism of a disease with rapid adhesion to bacteria.
3. Its disinfectant efficacy is not reduced by change of pH or use of hard water.
4. It is biodegradable disposable disinfectant.
5. It has less toxicity and high safety.

For killing and disinfecting of general bacteria(Salmonella typhimurium)and viruses(hog cholera virus & avian Influenza virus)
For disinfecting of animal body, livestock pen and various farm equipments and instruments

Dosage and Use


Sprinkle or spray enough the diluted solution as follows.

Concentration of organic material on object

Target diseases/pathogens



Hog cholera

Avian influenza


Inside and outside of pen, breeding equipment and instruments, general vehicles, etc.





Footdips (tray or mat of pen), pen’s entrance and floor, excretions, animal’s dead body, implements for transportation, farm vehicles, etc.




# When disinfecting several diseases/pathogens at the same time, use the highest disinfection

concentration in recommended dilution rate.

Precaution(s) and others
1. Do not allow the undiluted or highly concentrated solution to come into contact with the skin, eyes, food and drinks, livestock feed and children's toys.
2. Should not be sprayed by a person hypersensitive to allergic reaction.
3. Do not waste diluted solution into the river, pond, lake where fish live.
4. Organic substance such as excretions, dirt, blood, milk, etc. makes disinfectant efficacy weak. Wash them with water prior to using this preparation.
5. Do not mix with any other disinfection or insecticide.
6. Use the container which does not get rusty such as plastic or stainless steel.
7. It is recommended to wash organic substance of livestock pen or farm equipments such as excretions, dirt, milk, etc. prior to disinfecting.)
8. Sprinkle on the floor to be soaking wet and use sprayer for the surface of a wall and ceiling.
9. Washing clearly of the object's surface is needed after using soapy water because soap and cresol make worse the disinfecting efficacy.
10. Do not spray animal body on the day, and do not sterilize drinking water before and after 2 days as well as the day that the live vaccine administered by drinking water.