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  a fast-acting and powerful agent for promoting metabolism (by IV, IM or subcutaneous injection)
FOSFAN injection
Category General Therapeutics
Product type Injectable solution
Target animal(s) Swine, Bovine, Companion animal, Others
Packing 50ml vial

Each mL contains
Toldimfos Sodium ………………………………………… 100mg

Feature and Benefits
1. FOSFAN injection is a fast-acting and powerful agent for promoting metabolic activity, which treats and prevents metabolic disorders in livestocks raised under the overconcentrated conditions.
2. The active ingredient, Toldimfos, is a substance with organic phosphoric structure. This ingredient penetrates rapidly and deeply into each tissue in the body, and then it helps normal metabolism by rapidly converting the nutrients to the metabolic energy via activating various enzymes. Furthermore, FOSFAN injection shortens the period required for recovery from many diseases.

For prevention and treatment of acute/chronic metabolic disorders, neonatal weakness, mild paralysis, inappetence, undergrowth, emaciation, decrease of milk production, Ca-metabolic disorder and fatigue after working

Dosage and Use
Acute disease : Inject as follows until recovery once a day subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously.
Cattle, Horse : 15~20mL / a dose
Calf, Foal, Sheep : 5mL / a dose
Adult swine : 10mL / a dose
Piglet, Dog : 2mL / a dose
In acute or serious case, it is recommended to inject a half of above dose intravenously and the rest intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Chronic disease : Administer a half dosage of acute disease every other day during 1~2 weeks.

Precaution(s) and others