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Injectable solution DEXATON injection
  a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, Adrenal Hormone (by IM or subcutan...
Injectable solution samu PYRIN injection
  an analgesicㆍantipyretic (by IM or subcutaneous injection)
Injectable solution Samu Ketoprofen Forte Injection
Injectable solution Canoxil injection
Soluble powder BIOGEN-S soluble powder
  highly concentrated probiotics for prevention and treatment of diarrhe...
Oral liquid FOSFAN-20 solution
  a powerful agent for promoting metabolism
Powder BROMㆍA powder
  a therapeutics and preventive agent of respiratory disease
Powder Samu Bromhexine Powder
Soluble powder NEOVITA soluble powder
  a water soluble nutrients-complexes
Oral liquid PARAVITA liquid
  a nutrients-complexes-liquid
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