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Feed additive samu CPS premix
  a therapeutic agent of respiratory disease and diarrhea for swine
Feed additive samu CTC-10 premix
  an antibiotic-feed additive
Feed additive samu TIAMULIN-S
  a broad spectrum antibiotics for swine enteritis and pneumonia
Feed additive samu COLISTIN-20
Liquid GENTASON spray
  a solution sprayed inside the nasal cavity for the prevention of AR (a...
Liquid OFLOXIN solution
  a therapeutic agent against respiratory disease and coli-bacillosis
  a preventive and therapeutic agent of atrophic rhinitis (AR) in swine
Liquid Megafen 20 S solution
  Therapeutics for swine pleuropneumonia and chicken coli-bacillosis
Liquid Sulfameto 20 Sol.
Liquid Megafen 30 S Solution
  Therapeutics for swine pleuropneumonia and chicken colibacillosis
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